Community Engagement

& Prevention Services 

Community Engagement

& Prevention Services 



Helping Communities to Thrive 

Presentations &


  • Offers discussions around gambling, gaming, and screen time

  • Facilitates In-person or online conversations

  • Helps families, schools and community organizations

Health Promotion

  • Brings gambling and gaming awareness to the communities

  •  Creates fun and interactive activities 

  • Promotes a sense of balance in life

Education & Awareness

  • Brings education to the public around behavioral addictions

  • Encourages citizens to make informed choices 

  • Connects individual to free support services 

Community Engagement 

  • Connects and network with community organizations 

  • Builds local relationships with agencies 

  • Respectfully listens and supports communities' needs

Hi, my name is Judy Lee. 

I share information about gambling prevention, awareness, and resources to Vancouver residents.

My services are in-person, virtual, and free of charge. 


Feel free to connect with me to learn about the services I offer. 


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