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The  StoryWalk® Experience


The StoryWalk® is a fun, interactive event for families and school-aged children. 

This story follows Frank's adventure into the virtual world and how he navigates around technology use. 

The story is displayed on 20 large storyboards that are placed along a path through the parks, school playground and hallways, trails, or community centers. 


On each storyboard, you can follow Frank's journey to learn about his encounters. There are color-coded activities for different ages. 

Are you ready to walk and growl like a bear? Or can you name three foods that a Grizzly bear might eat? 


Meet some of Frank's friends, Ollie the Owl, Gertrude the Fox, and Sammy the Snake. 


Guess what did Frank find on his way to the berry patch?  He found a SCREEN! 

Are you interested to know what happens next? 

Get in touch with Judy, and she can bring this initiative to your community. 

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