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This is Judy Lee, the owner of the webpage Community Engagement in Vancouver

Judy Lee

Hello, I am Judy, and welcome to my homepage!  I am an immigrant from Hong Kong and I came to Canada in 1992.  Gambling has been a significant part of my cultural background.  In my birthplace, it is common to see family and friends gather together and gamble for entertainment.  Since 1998, I have worked in the gambling industry in different positions, including as a card dealer, trainer, casino support person, and now, I work as a Prevention and Community Engagement Provider in Vancouver.  

My educational background is Philosophy, Criminology, and Social Work. My academic interests include Prostitution Law in Canada, Community Engagement through the Intersectionality Lens, harm reduction practices, and Sex Workers’ Rights Advocacy.  I consider myself to be an empathetic person who is curious about how other people view the world, and I am privileged to have the opportunity to work with many wonderful individuals in the community. 

Motherhood shapes my worldview immensely as the COVID-19 pandemic and related safety measures dictate how I move through my day and interact with others. My concern for the safety of my family, and especially the older adults, is heightened during this challenging time.  I have also found that through the lens as a mother, I view digital media (TV, smartphones, computers, etc.) with a much more critical eye that’s concerned with the wellbeing of my child who is a teenager spending lots of time interacting with her peers for school and for social interaction.  

Some snapshots of my moments! 

This is a picture of Judy's two cats, Chocolate and Cookie

Chocolate and Cookie. 

Love meeting furry friends at community events! 

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