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About Us

Education and Awareness

Bringing gambling awareness and information from a neutral point of view

  • Inform individuals to get a better understanding of what gambling is and what it is not 

  • Sharing responsible gambling practices 

  • Connect individuals with the Program's support services

  • Encourage individuals to participate in gambling or gaming activities with a sense of balance in mind 

  • Reduce stigmas related to addictions 


The Gambling Awareness Week is a community initiative of BC's gambling support services, funded by Gaming Support BC, the Gaming Policy Enforcement Branch (GPEB).  Each year, contractors from 21 communities in the province host a week of activities, for people of all ages, to let people know that there are support and education available when it comes to addressing the impacts of gambling.  

The theme for GAW 2020 was Find Your Balance.  We promote finding one’s balance in life with other healthy activities. When we approach a variety of entertainment activities with an attitude of moderation, then we limit the possibility of any one of them becoming too much of a focus in our lives.  In the past, our Program has funded BBQs, Public Swim, Youth Art Contest, Colouring competition, Community Walk, and Health Fair.


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