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A Glimpse into the Gamers' World

When you read the title, what comes to your mind?

Take a look at the picture on your left, how do you feel about the graphic?

If your partner is a gamer, has gaming created tensions in your relationship? Or if you are a parent, have you been concerned about your children's technology use or social media involvement? Probably most of us have thought about those questions.

But for some of us, who may not have been big fans of gaming, do we know why gamers are so attached to it? In my journey to trying to understand Gaming, I retrieved a number of blog articles and personal essays, written by gamers, where they share their narratives as to why gaming is important to them.

Interestingly, many gamers express that video games offer a unique experience that could only be found in the virtual gaming world.

Moreover, gamers are aware of the negative aspects that stem from gaming, they strongly feel that video gaming offers positive experiences that cannot be otherwise replaced.

In the next blog, I will share more gamers' narratives.

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