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A Glimpse into the Gamers' World 2

Video Gaming might look different for everyone:

In my last blog, I wrote about my interest in gamers' perspectives.

One theme that continues to appear is that many writers note that they are aware of the depiction of addicted gamers in the media. Video gamers are often seen as individuals who are addicted to video gaming, living in isolation, and needing intervention. Furthermore, violent themes and inappropriate behaviors are commonly seen in many games. For instance, in Fortnite, the players’ task is to slaughter everyone in the group and become the only survivor. It is no doubt that some of the content, themes, and storylines in a video game might be problematic, as well as cyber-bullying in the virtual space.

However, a gamer makes a great point that when Rock and Roll, Jazz, and Hip-Hop became popular, these music genres were also criticized by some. So, could it be the case that people just need time to accept a new trend?

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