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Presentations and Workshops 

Online and in person, some of the topics are: 

  • Connection or Disconnection: A Conversation around Video Gaming 

  • Gambling: How Much is Too Much? 

  • Gaming and Gambling: The Convergence and its Impacts

  • Probability and Gambling: What does it mean? 

  • Connection or Disconnection: A Conversation around Screen Use 

  • The iMinds Curriculum around Gambling Literacy (for Kindergarten to Grade 12) 

  • Coping Strategies and Resiliency during Challenging Times 

Health Promotion

Supporting individuals to make healthy choices through: 

  • Increase individuals' understanding of health determinants

  • Encourage positive behavioral changes 

  • Some examples are: 

  • Gambling Awareness Week (GAW) - Finding Your Balance

  • Community Initiatives that support local agencies' vision

  • Other fun and interactive events that encourage connection

Education and Awareness

Bringing gambling and gaming related information from a neutral point of view

  • Inform individuals to get a better understanding of what gambling is and what it is not 

  • Sharing information about responsible gambling 

  • Connect individuals with the Program's support services

  • Encourage individuals to participate in gambling or gaming activities with a sense of ablance in mind 

  • Reduce stigmas related to addictions 

Community Engagement 

Building local relationships with community partners 

  • Support communities by deferring to them 

  • Listen, learn, participate, and engage

  • Build relationships in the communities I serve

  • Some examples are: StoryWalk®, Rock Solid Curriculum, and Round Tables Conversation 

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